The 2020 SSJ Fall Meeting

The 2020 SSJ fall meeting is scheduled to be held as an online conference.
Information about the 2020 SSJ fall meeting will be posted when details become available.

Meeting Schedule

Oct. 29 (Thu.) – Oct. 31 (Sat.), 2020

Important Dates

  • Abstract submission will open at 12:00 JST on Aug. 4 (Tue.), 2020.
  • Abstract submission will close at 12:00 JST on Aug. 25 (Tue.), 2020.
  • Online registration will close at 12:00 JST on Sep. 8 (Tue.), 2020.
  • Online program will be released in late September, 2020.
  • The 2020 SSJ Fall Meeting on Oct. 29 (Thu.) – Oct. 31 (Sat.), 2020.


Online registration site is HERE.

Pre-registration period is 12:00 Aug. 4 to 12:00 Sep. 8, 2020, JST(UTC+9).
* Registration on the day is also possible.


Online submission site is HERE.

Submission period is 12:00 Aug. 4 to 12:00 Aug. 25, 2020, JST(UTC+9)

Submission fee is JPY3,000.

  • Up to 1 oral presentation for each member & up to 2 presentation in total for each member. However, these do not include invited talks.
  • When applying for an invited talk, please follow the instructions from the convener.
  • You can select either “oral or poster” or “poster” in the submission site.
  • If you choose “oral or poster,” the convention committee will determine the presentation method.

Program (tentative)

Award ceremony @ Zoom

  • 09:00JST – 12:00JST Oct. 29 (schedule pending)

Oral session @ Zoom

  • 13:00JST – 16:45JST Oct. 29 (schedule pending)
  • 09:00JST – 16:45JST Oct. 30 (schedule pending)
  • 09:00JST – 16:45JST Oct. 31 (schedule pending)
For one presentation, presentation time is 12 min and question time is 3 min.
We plan to provide an opportunity to conduct a connection test before the meeting. In addition, we will set up a practice room in the morning and lunch break.

Poster session core time @ Online

  • 17:30JST – 19:00JST Oct. 29 (schedule pending)
  • 17:30JST – 19:00JST Oct. 30 (schedule pending)
  • 17:30JST – 19:00JST Oct. 31 (schedule pending)
In this session, we will use uploaded files and online comment system. The deadline of uploading is about two weeks before the meeting. Comment system will be always open during the meeting. 90-minutes of poster core time will be opened. Presenter should check the comment system during core time.

Session List

Session information is HERE.
(Session language: English or Japanese)