The 2020 SSJ Fall Meeting

The 2020 SSJ fall meeting is scheduled to be held as follows.
Information about the 2020 SSJ fall meeting will be posted when details become available.

■ Date, Time, and Venue

Date: Oct. 29 (Thu.) – Oct. 31 (Sat.), 2020

Venue: Okinawa Jichi Kaikan, Ryukyu Shimpo Hall (Naha city)

Call for Special Sessions Proposals

We are now accepting proposals for 2020 SSJ fall meeting held at Naha, Okinawa, 29-31, October 2020.

We will welcome members of the Chinese Taipei Geophysical Society (CTGS) to the 2020 SSJ fall meeting and equate the CTGS member to the SSJ member at this meeting.

We encourage you to collaborate with CTGS members and submit an English session proposal together. Deadline for submissions is 17:00 (JST), 20 May.

Send the following information to for the proposal submission.

  1. Session Title
  2. Session Convener
  3. Session Scope within 1,000 characters
  4. Affiliations and email addresses of all session conveners
  5. Others (optional: supplementary explanation, request for session formats, etc)

All proposals will be reviewed by the SSJ Fall Meeting Program Committee.
If you have any questions, please contact the SSJ Fall Meeting Program Committee (