SSJ Fall Meeting

We have closed the abstract submission and pre-registration system.

Third notification of 2018 SSJ fall meeting has been released (in Japanese).



Pre-registration:  AM 12:00, 5th (Wed), September   (JST local time, UTC +9)

Abstract submission:  AM 12:00, 18th (Wed), July   (JST local time, UTC +9)


Date, Time, and Venue

Date: Oct. 9 (Tue) – Oct. 11 (Thu), 2018

Venue: BIG PALETTE FUKUSHIMA (Kooriyama city)


Session Schedule and Meeting Program

The Session Schedule is here.

The program is here.

Although the meeting program is mainly written in Japanese, you will find your presentation time based on your presentation title or name.


Session list

[Regular Session]

S01: Theory and Analysis Method

S02: Seismometry and Monitoring System

S03: Crustal Deformation, GNSS, Gravity

S04: Tectonics

S05: Geothermal Science

S06: Crustal Structure

S07: Deep Structure and Properties of the Earth and Planets

S08: Earthquake Source Processes and Physics of Earthquakes

S09: Active Faults, Historical Earthquakes

S10: Various Phenomena Associated with Earthquakes

S11: Rock Mechanics, Crustal Stress

S12: Geochemistry, Groundwater Hydrology Related to Earthquakes

S13: Earthquake Prediction and Forecast

S14: Strong Ground Motion and Earthquake Disaster

S15: Subsurface Structure and Its Effect

S16: Tsunami

S17: Education and History of Seismology

S18: Seismology General and Miscellaneous Contribution

S19: Lectures and Ceremony of SSJ Awards


[Special Session]

S20: How can we connect seismology to a local community

S21: 50 years of Seismic Waves and Ground Motions

S22: Achievements of seismological researches on the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake

S23: Statistical seismology and underlying physical processes

S24: Northern Osaka Earthquake of 18 June 2018


Notifications for Registration and Presentation

– Registration is required to participate the meeting. Please be sure to make meeting registration beforehand. It takes a lot of time to make on-site registration.

– Pre-registered attendees will receive proceedings beforehand. On-site registered attendee is able to get proceedings in exchange for the payment at the reception.

– Pre-registered member who finish the payment of the annual membership fee also receive a name tag and registration receipt. Such attendee can enter without a stop at the reception, but please attach your name tag at the meeting.

– If you have any problem with the format of the receipt, please visit the reception with your receipt.

– The fee of a social gathering is not included in the registration fee.

– If you do not want to use credit card for the payment, please contact ssj-program at (please replace ‘at’ with ‘@’). In this case, it takes some time to give you answer.

– If you are a supporting member or non-member, please make on-site registration at the reception.

– Oral presentation is total 15 minutes including discussion for a few minutes.

– Oral presentation will be held in four rooms, Room A to D.

– A projector for connecting with your PC is available for oral presentations. The connecter is D-sub 15 pin type. HDMI is also available only in Room C. 

– The screen size is 4:3 ratio. Please be careful 16:9 presentation file or slides will be projected smaller than you expect.

– Poster board size is W 180 cm / H 90 cm.